NOEL Arrold

could have ended up in wheat... Or in the classroom

As a microbiology student in the late 1960s, he was on his way to a career as a teacher when his professor casually mentioned there was money available for a PhD student who might want to postpone teaching qualifications to pursue something more research-based.
The choice was a diploma of education, wheat diseases . . . or mushrooms.
"I thought, 'Well, there's a drought in Australia every few years it'll take 10 years to do a PhD [on wheat]. I'll take the mushrooms."
.After finishing his PhD he studied in Germany and the US, returning to Australia with a wealth of knowledge at a time when the vast majority of the country's mushrooms were white buttons -- Agaricus bisporus -- sold canned, often as "champignons".
In 1987 Dr Noel Arrold, a microbiologist took over the disused railway tunnel in Mittagong and proceeded to develop new mushroom varieties for the Australian market. The first variety grown was the Swiss Brown mushroom, followed by the Exotic Asian varieties – Shiitake, Oyster, Shimejii and Wood Ear. These mushrooms thrive in the cool, damp and dimly lit environment of the tunnel which resembles the conditions that occur in the mountainous forests of China, Japan and Korea where these mushrooms occur naturally. Their function in the forests is to degrade dead trees converting them into organic matter and enriching the soil of the forests.
For over twenty (25) years Dr Noel Arrold has been a pioneer in developing the Exotic Mushroom Industry in Australia
Today, Noel Arrold is one of Australia's leading growers of exotic mushrooms.


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