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Let us Take You from Frustration to Freedom


At Country Fresh Mushrooms we also Wholesale Fruit and Veg and other foods to Cafes, Pizza Shops, Hotels and Restaurants.


We recognise that in today’s world everyone is very busy and time poor. This coupled with the other pressures of business and family creates an environment that can become toxic to our health and wellbeing.


Time is our most precious commodity and you can never get it back once you lose it.


You can ,however, leverage your time….start by asking yourself…how much is my time worth or what value do I put on it?


What we can offer you is the opportunity to leverage your time, develop a better work/life integration strategy and at the same time save you money and or make you more money


How can we do this?.


We do this by offering you the opportunity to:


  • Focus your time on managing and building your Business

  • Not get up early to go to the Markets

  • Save the entry fee to the Markets

  • Save on fuel for your vehicle

  • Save on wear and tear on your vehicle

  • Not to have to worry about the best buys in the Market

  • Not have to worry about the quality


We guarantee that if the quality doesn’t meet your expectations we will replace it free of charge with no questions asked.



We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and and assist you in growing your business to the next level....give us a call or contact us via email.


A 40% discount applies to the 1st order placed for any new customer obtained via this website. Be sure to mention the discount when ordering.


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