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How Would You like to Take Your Business to the Next Level?

While our primary focus is on Prepacked Exotic Mushrooms for the Supermarkets a substantial part of our business is Contract Packing for Market Agents and we are always open to contract packing of any fruits and vegetables upon requested.


We can offer you the following benefits as we:


  • Have an existing relationship with the Supermarkets

  • Have HACCP and Quality System Certification

  • Can approach the Supermarkets on your behalf

  • Can deliver for you as we already deliver to the Supermarkets

  • Have an account so you can sell your product through us

  • Can guarantee payment with 14 days

  • Can do your online Marketing


More and more Supermarkets are concerned about Food Safety and Waste.


Waste is not just what gets thrown away it is a combination of:

  • Losses through dehydration…from grower to checkout…Supermarkets sell by weight

  • Damage in transit and at store level

  • Consumers grazing while shopping

  • Theft…now with self checkout some customers deliberately put items through as another line that is much cheaper

  • Losses due to poor quality


Prepacks will be the way of the future for Supermarkets as they control these issues.


If you believe you are missing out on an opportunity to grow your sales we need to sit down over a coffee and talk.


We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and and assist you in growing your business to the next level....give us a call or contact us via email

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